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The beauty of KDE

The last few years, the world of KDE has been revolving around plasma widgets, based on QML, originally created for mobile phones and tablets. All this while adoption of the Linux desktop remains low and computer users at large remain unaware of its traditional but visually spectacular environments. Here are a few things that were long in place, worth appreciating:

Seamless themes

The advent of Plasma 5 has somewhat curbed the wealth of theme choices that existed for previous versions. What hasn’t changed however is how effectively the themes apply globally, regardless of whether an application is powered by KDE/Qt or GTK. In the screenshot below, what may appear as a single window is in fact 3: KSysguard on the left and two gnuplot windows on the right.


Konsoles everywhere

This is Linux and a terminal should never be far away. How wonderful then that a Konsole is elegantly embedded in several of the most regurarly used applications, in particular Dolphin(file manager), Kate(text editor), Kile(latex editor) and even Konversation(irc client).



Opacity change at will

Sometimes, one has to work with just one monitor. Tiling windows helps, but is not even necessary when the opacity of the active window can be adjusted with a flick of the wheel, to consult the information behind.


Not all

Of course, this is but a small fraction of the customizability and eye candy that KDE has to offer. Plasma is not so bad.